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How to draw an eye with teardrop for Beginners || EASY WAY TO DRAW A REALISTIC EYE ||

Published on Sep 11, 2019 66,864 views










pencil name : DOMS ( ZOOM ULTIMATE DARK ) pencil

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#HowToDrawEyebrows #DrawingTutorial #رسم

كيفية رسم العين الواقعية
رسم العين

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    Singh Art Studio 5 days ago Very nice...all your Arts are awesome
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    Attraction Art Spot - Draw Easy 5 days ago ow wow, this looks so real... tnx for the tutorial hun;)
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    Hemraj Balotiya 5 days ago You are right ☺️☺️☺️
  • Attraction Art Spot - Draw Easy
    Attraction Art Spot - Draw Easy 5 days ago right? looks really real
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    Salma Jahan 5 days ago FARJANA AUP This is so beautiful......... keep do it!!
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    Anchor Bingo 4 days ago WOW!😍 So Beautiful Eye SkEtCh!👌☺ So ReAl Eye LoOk,Thank U 👍😊
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    Shreya Shrestha 5 days ago Soo beautiful 😭😭
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  • Jaffer Jaffer
    Jaffer Jaffer 4 days ago Tear drop is marvelous looks real and shading in the eye is great
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    Artistica Min 5 days ago BEAUTIFUL WORK 😍😍
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    sparky friends 2 days ago Di your all drawing are brilliant i make them all step by step by your vedios its my request pls make sketch of riyaz aly pls
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    Become Change Life 5 days ago Assalamu Alaikum Farjana Allah Bless You & Your Talent Talented Sis💜
  • Tσxıη
    Tσxıη 5 days ago (edited) It's Almost frustrating how easy they make it look and here I hardly can draw a Droplet 😂