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Best Trading Platforms & Software For Beginners (2019)

Published on Sep 11, 2019 18,767 views










As a new trader, you don't want to waste money on expensive trading platforms because you will NOT use most of the features.

Instead, stick to free ones because it gets the job done and you can save your money to fund your trading account.

Also, you'll be surprised some trading platforms are even better than the paid ones out there.

So go watch this video now and discover which are the best trading platforms and software for beginners.


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  • Jacobine Mbapaha
    Jacobine Mbapaha 1 day ago How do you connect to those trading platforms
  • Ashok Hazari
    Ashok Hazari 3 days ago thanks for your feeling for the new comers in this market !
  • Krishna Kumar
    Krishna Kumar 2 days ago Hi Rayner, could you please do a video on daily trading plan
  • Riฤardas Pilelis
    Riฤardas Pilelis 3 days ago hi Rayner, want to ask, wich broker i should use to conect it with tradingview and place orders via tradingview ? i'm from Europe, becouse now OANDA is not working with tradingview if you are from Europe thanks for answer keep it up bro
  • Boris Sodji
    Boris Sodji 5 days ago Sir I think you are reading my mind. I was just thinking about that yesterday. ๐Ÿ˜… Great video as always!
  • Not Human
    Not Human 5 days ago thank you so much for sharing your vast and abundant wisdom with us.
  • Jashpal Singh
    Jashpal Singh 6 hours ago Hi can u make Ur all video in hindi
  • Michael Grant
    Michael Grant 3 days ago Hi Rayner, I use the IG platform who use the MT4 setup. Michael
  • ayanda aya
    ayanda aya 1 day ago Hi, Rayner I have just followed after I read an article on the internet where you explained top five trading strategies and downloaded your guide titled "The Ultimate Guide to Trend Following" I'm looking forward to learning more from you as I interested to become a trader myself. Thanking you in advance for your assistance in this journey.
  • nana yaw swiss
    nana yaw swiss 5 days ago Tradingview and cTrader my favorite
  • Manoj Sinai Talauliker
    Manoj Sinai Talauliker 4 days ago thank you for this simple yet very useful video
  • Onkar Rashinkar
    Onkar Rashinkar 5 days ago Hey Rayner, Please share some technical setups
  • Akubue Chukwunwike
    Akubue Chukwunwike 5 days ago Wonderful information Rayner. I love using trading view and MT 4
  • Akubue Chukwunwike
    Akubue Chukwunwike 5 days ago Wonderful information Rayner. I love using trading view and MT 4
  • Xignito
    Xignito 1 day ago (edited) hi Rayner thank you very much for sharing your experience. I have a question regarding a trade I got stopped out on the 12th of Sept. on the daily timeframe shorting the GBP/EUR pair. Saddly there is a large green candle on the 13th of Sept. Have I done something wrong or was it just bad luck? Maybe you could help me with this :)
  • Thabo Thwala
    Thabo Thwala 5 days ago Thanks rayner you the best my man hey! Hey!๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„
  • Brendan Cullen
    Brendan Cullen 4 days ago Thanks mate. Works for me. TradingView is awesome as is I don't even bother with Finviz, got TradingView. Loving your videos, great work. Thank you.
  • Lerotholi Motemekoane
    Lerotholi Motemekoane 5 days ago Mr Rayner,which broker would you advice me to use?
  • Lerotholi Motemekoane
    Lerotholi Motemekoane 5 days ago Tell me
  • Tshepo Maama Shezi
    Tshepo Maama Shezi 5 days ago Ntate Motemekoane, ke e keutloe eka ha a endorse di brands in public- u hloka ho mo romela email ebe o u tataisa lekunutung le ha feela nna keso molaetse ka letho do far. Khotso ka Kueneng bo!
  • Lerotholi Motemekoane
    Lerotholi Motemekoane 1 day ago I get your point sir,how far are you with trading?
  • Dolf Botha
    Dolf Botha 5 days ago What is the minimum deposit to start with Trading View?
  • Team Skovhugger
    Team Skovhugger 5 days ago Is there anyone that have tryed binbot pro??? Is it any good???