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Yoga for Beginners: List Of Yoga Do's & Don'ts | Garima Bhandari

Published on Sep 11, 2019 314 views










Before taking an initiative to do any asanas, it is always recommended to follow the basic guidelines for yoga practice. Yoga is a way of developing ourselves not just physically, but also mentally. Yoga practice contributes for the betterment of our daily activities, habits, thoughts and behavior. One can acquire peace and tranquility, as yoga practice reduces all the negativity like ego, anger, prejudice, jealousy, greed, proud, aggression etc. Hence Patanjali Maharshi, the father of Modern Science of Yoga, defines yoga as “Controlling the nature of mind”. You can practice the most effective pranayama with a basic deep breathing exercise technique.

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  • Garima Bhandari
    Garima Bhandari 2 days ago If you are beginner, and do not know where to start. Watch this 10 minute morning yoga and practice it.
  • bikram dey
    bikram dey 5 days ago (edited) Highly appreciated... for the myths for yOgasana!!! Acually The term 'yoga', is derived from the Sanskrit root word ‘yuj’, meaning ‘to yoke' or ‘to unite’. According to the yogic scriptures, practicing yoga leads to the union of individual consciousness with Universal Consciousness. The humble origins of this approximately 5,000-year old tradition can be traced back to the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India. Today, around two billion people practice yoga worldwide....So for onece more very much lots of thanks upon yOU mam..the way you may explain the things that's really speechless!!! If possible kindly make a lesson on these 2 topics also : i) obesity yoga ii)memory power increase or sharpen asana
  • Surya Kant
    Surya Kant 5 days ago Hello ma'am....have a great day
  • wickedsick282
    wickedsick282 5 days ago why not feet soles garima :((((((( ive belled u to see ur pretty feet soles plz upload soles more zoomed in ur next video and leave me a reply too plz
  • Anuj Sen
    Anuj Sen 5 days ago You Are my Inspiration...Garima
  • Pankaj Aswal
    Pankaj Aswal 5 days ago That's awesome information, Appreciation 🙂
  • Deepak Rastogi
    Deepak Rastogi 5 days ago 💜