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Top 10 Best Easy Champions for Beginners League of Legends 2020

Published on Sep 11, 2019 29 views










The Top 10 STRONGEST Easy Champions for Beginners/Noobs League of Legends Season 9. These 10 Easy op Champs will teach you League and help you climb ranked/elo. The 10 Best Beginner champions in League of Legends.

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Annie = Annie Hastur Aurelion Sol = Aurelion Sol Brand = Kegan Rodhe (the name of the possessed body) Camille = Camille Ferros Cassiopeia = Cassiopeia Du Couteau Elise = Elise Kythera Zaavan Fiora = Fiora Laurent Galio = Galio Justice Justice Garen = Garen Crownguard Graves = Malcolm Graves Heimerdinger = Cecil B. Heimerdinger Irelia = Irelia Lito Ivern = Ivern Bramblefoot Janna = Janna Windforce Jarvan = Jarvan Lightshield IV Jhin = Khada Jhin (full stage name; real name unknown) Katarina = Katarina Du Couteau Kayn = Shieda Kayn Leblanc = Emilia LeBlanc (otherwise known as Evaine) Lee Sin = Sin Lee (Lee being the surname) Lux = Luxanna Crownguard Miss Fortune = Sarah Fortune Morgana = Morgana Hex (development full name) Orianna = Orianna Reveck Sona = Sona Buvelle Swain = Jericho Swain Talon = Talon Du Couteau (assuming he adopted the family name) Twisted Fate = Tobias Foxtrot Vayne = Shauna Vayne Xin Zhao = Xin Zhao (Zhao is the surname) Yorick = Yorick Mori Zac = Zaun Amorphous Combatant Champions with tribal titles: Ashe = Ashe of the Avarosa Braum = Braum of the Avarosa Diana = Diana of the Rakkor (might no longer be the case after exile) Gragas = Gragas of the Avarosa Leona = Leona of the Rakkor Lissandra = Lissandra of the Frostguard Nami =Nami of the Marai Nunu = Nunu of the Avarosa Olaf = Olaf of the Lokfar Pantheon = Atreus of the Rakkor (name of possessed body) Rakan = Rakan of the Lhotlan Rengar = Rengar of the Kiilash Sejuani = Sejuani of the Winter's Claw Taliyah = Taliyah of the Nasaaj Tryndamere = Tryndamere of the Avarosa Udyr = Udyr of the Winter's Claw Volibear = Volibear of the Ursine Wukong = Wukong of the Shimon Xayah = Xayah of the Lhotlan Probably have full names: Akali Amumu Azir Caitlyn Corki Darius Draven Dr Mundo Ekko Evelynn Ezreal Gangplank Gnar Illaoi Jayce Jinx Karma Karthus Kassadin Kennen Kled Lucian Lulu Malzahar Master Yi Nasus Nautilus Nidalee Poppy Quinn Renekton Riven Rumble Ryze Shaco Shen Shyvana Singed Sion Sivir Soraka Syndra Taric Teemo Tristana Urgot Varus Veigar Vi Viktor Vladimir Warwick Xerath Yasuo Zed Ziggs Zilean Aatrox Alistar Anivia Ahri Bard Blitzcrank Cho'Gath Fiddlesticks Fizz Hecarim Jax Kalista Kayle (stop asking about Kayle Hex, the name Hex was retconned) ha'Zix indred Kog'Maw Malphite Maokai Mordekaiser Nocturne Rammus Rek'sai Skarner Tahm Kench (not his real name, just a title) ThreshTrundle Twitch Vel'Koz Zyra

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