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Eyelash Tutorial For Beginners!!!

Published on Sep 11, 2019 1,693 views










Hey y’all! I hope you all enjoyed this beginner friendly eyelash tutorial! Comment down below and tell me if you’re a natural lash girl or a dramatic lash girl (of course I’m dramatic ALL DAY) lol

Eyelashes D379

  • State of Peaches
    State of Peaches 2 days ago I learned to drive a car quicker than I learn how to put on eyelashes!! 100 trys I still fail.
  • MzDivaShy
    MzDivaShy 2 days ago 🙁It’s hard to hear you with the music.
  • koolyokam007
    koolyokam007 18 hours ago (edited) Have you tried magnetic eyelashes? I am having huge issues with getting them on properly.
  • Guerlyne Bel
    Guerlyne Bel 5 days ago (edited) Thank you Ariel boo💞💞 Hopefully i will get right after a multiple tries. I did my lashes for the first time and finally succeeded 🤗
  • Ariel Black
    Ariel Black 5 days ago Guerlyne Bel practice makes perfect! Thank you for watching ❤️
  • denea whisonant
    denea whisonant 4 days ago I love all your videos but sometimes the music is to loud over your voice and I can’t hear your lovely voice ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Trina boo
    Trina boo 23 hours ago Love your channel but your music is always loud!
  • Jayla Anderson
    Jayla Anderson 5 days ago I just bought lashes and I'm super afraid to put them on. I'm definitely going to use your tips! I also love how you hype yourself up, that's hilarious. Also, you're gorgeous!!!😍😍 Thanks again!
  • Gladys Machethe
    Gladys Machethe 3 days ago Nice,simple and easy😍😍thank you
  • Kalisha Jarvis
    Kalisha Jarvis 5 days ago Thanks for the consistency!!!!
  • Ariel Black
    Ariel Black 5 days ago Kalisha Jarvis thank you for watching and supporting ☺️🙌🏾❤️
  • sindi khomo
    sindi khomo 4 days ago You make it seem sooo easy
    THETALLBLACKCHIC 5 days ago Pretty easy 😍
  • Veronique Bickham
    Veronique Bickham 5 days ago Thank you for the video !
  • Naeemah Hasan
    Naeemah Hasan 4 days ago Thank you 💜
  • Kimberly Natasha
    Kimberly Natasha 15 hours ago Fabulous!
  • Shaydia Andrews
    Shaydia Andrews 5 days ago Yasssss💕💜
  • Ariel Black
    Ariel Black 5 days ago Shaydia Andrews thank you ❤️
  • Shaydia Andrews
    Shaydia Andrews 5 days ago @Ariel Black ❤
  • Amanda Edwards
    Amanda Edwards 5 days ago you make that look so easy and am still here on the struggle bus. thanks for the tips. i'll keeep trying